The Buildings

[one_half]Buildings can tell us a great deal about the lives of the people who lived in and designed them. An entire discipline, architectural history, exists to study buildings from the past, and to dissect how they were built, who lived in them, and how these buildings reflected their way of life. In many ways, historic buildings serve the same purpose that artifacts serve: they are physical evidence of a life lived in the past. They can tell us about how life may have changed over time based on the modifications to the building, or the materials used in constructing it. Such changes could reflect changes in ownership, social status, or economic standing.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]At Historic St. Mary’s City, a number of buildings from the 19th century still remain, and each has a story to tell about the African American experience during slavery and freedom. Among the most important are the duplex quarter, manor home, outbuildings, and the agricultural complex. These structures were all lived and worked in by African Americans throughout the 19th century, and the way they were constructed and modified over time can give us a glimpse into how their lives may have changed after slavery.

click on the images below to learn about the architecture.[/one_half_last]

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