Digital Humanities 2013 Conference

This week, I will be heading to Lincoln, Nebraska to take part in the Digital Humanities Conference in a session about Digital Archaeology. I was asked to participate to talk about this website, and the use of digital technology as a means of discussing archaeology with the public. In particular, I’ll be focusing on our efforts to design the Walk Together Project as an exhibit and website that incorporates Web 2.0 concepts to allow for a two-way discussion about archaeology and interpreting the past.

The Digital Humanities Conference is an annual gathering of scholars who use digital tools as a means of studying human culture or to engage with the public. It is the largest gathering of its sort, and I am very excited to have been asked to be a part of one of the only archaeology related sessions at the conference. It is loaded with a number of wonderful scholars in the discipline, and I’m very excited to get a chance to discuss these topics with them. You can learn more about the session at the session website, which includes all the session participants abstracts and presentation slides, and will soon include the audio of the session, as well.

If you’re curious about some of the ways that this site is designed so that you can interact with the archaeologists behind the scenes, please read more about the exhibit here.

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