Historical documents play a critical role in our understanding of the African American past at St. Mary’s Manor. While these documents are limited, they can provide a great deal of information, particularly when used in conjunction with the archaeological and architectural record. Below, we have included links to a number of documents that have been used in our research, including images of the documents. As we complete transcriptions of the documents we will continue to add them to this page. This page is constantly being updated and modified, so please check back often!

Genealogical Documents

Deeds and Newspaper Documents


Genealogical Documents

A number of documents can be used to trace the names of individuals who lived and worked at St. Mary’s Manor. The following include all the documents that include names, ages, and genders of the enslaved, tenant families, and others who lived at St. Mary’s. This includes slave schedules, census records, and other documents. In addition to providing genealogical information, however, these documents can also tell us about African American families, their life after slavery, and the way that plantation owners managed their enslaved and tenant labor.

Maryland Slave Statistics

This series of documents include lists compiled by former slave owners after the Civil War of the enslaved property that was lost during the conflict. This includes slaves who ran away, enlisted in the Union Army, or who were emancipated by the state in 1864. Two lists include African Americans that would have lived at St. Mary’s Manor: the first includes all of Dr. Brome’s slaves, and the second includes the enslaved property of his mother, Ann Ashcomb. Please note that our transcription and the transcription at the State Archives differ, since we have used additional information from other documents to further inform the names of the individuals. Documents courtesy of the Maryland State Archives.

See the Original Documents (pdf)

Our Transcription (pdf)

See Dr. Brome’s Transcriptions and original documents¬†by Agnes Callum at the Maryland State Archives

See Mrs. Ashcomb’s Transcriptions and original documents¬†by Agnes Callum at the Maryland State Archives

Deeds, Newspaper Documents

1867 Property Deed for African American School

In 1867, Dr. Brome donated one half acre to be used for the construction of a school for African Americans. This document provides the details of this transaction, including the names of the African American trustees. One of these individual, John Bush, is also living on Dr. Brome’s property at the time, and listed in the 1870 census near Dr. Brome’s house. Document courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Circuit Court.

See the Original Document (pdf)

Our Transcript (Forthcoming)

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Coming soon, we will be adding historical maps to our collection.

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